id8 discover

Design Space Exploration

Unlocking the design space potential

Eliminating trial-and-error engineering

id8 discover provides engineers with industry-proven Design of Experiments (DOE), Response Surface Modeling (RSM) and Multiobjective Optimization (MOO) methods. Building on existing engineering workflows, these methods enable engineering teams to assess what is realistic in terms of achievable product performance and required development duration – altogether eliminating the need for an iterative trial-and-error engineering approach.

Transparent user guidance

What sets id8 discover apart from any other product on the market, is that users no longer need to define methods through a series of parameters that speak the language of optimization experts. They still can. But once they have used id8 discover’s intuitive wizards, they will appreciate how these wizards’ clear guidelines guarantee a fast and realistic setup of the most suitable method for any engineering application at hand.

A-la-carte Design Space Exploration

id8 discover allows for easily changing design parameters and constraints at any time, enabling individual users to define and save multiple combinations of design inputs and outputs.

That makes it possible and practical for engineers to rapidly perform partial studies using fewer design variables with more tolerant constraint boundaries, for example. Similarly, they can easily tune settings to dig deeper and explore the design space in greater detail without the hassle of repeatedly redefining entire sets of parameter values.

Always-on Design Space Exploration

Another breakthrough delivered by id8 discover is the efficient and robust execution of engineering simulation workflows, bringing always-on Design Space Exploration technology to a web browser. Making the most efficient use of available computational resources, id8 discover centrally organizes the execution of all experiments defined by a DOE or optimization method – either on a local or remote computer, on an HPC cluster or in the cloud.

Boosting user productivity

When running a DOE or MOO method, id8 discover monitors and reports the results of the engineering simulations that are executed. As engineering simulations progress, id8 discover’s graphical reports typically help engineers acquire new insights and support them in translating these insights into adaptations to the design space exploration strategy.

Evaluating what-if scenarios

In evaluating multidisciplinary design optimization projects, it can be insightful to leave out certain less contributing design parameters and/or to temporarily (de)activate engineering disciplines of choice. Such evaluations can be managed using id8 discover's brand new concept of domains, and the impact of different what-if scenarios can then easily be evaluated.

Seamless integration

id8 discover's intuitive interface and its built-in user guidance are shared with id8 decide, the powerful engineering data analytics solution. id8 discover and id8 decide work closely together, allowing id8 discover users to analyze in detail any design space exploration and optimization results using id8 decide's easy-to-read dashboard.

Also working seamlessly with Optimus, id8 discover is an integral part of a powerful software suite that enables teams to efficiently and thoroughly tackle any engineering challenge.


id8 discover takes engineering teams to new productivity heights

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