Noesis Solutions launches id8, new cloud platform to redefine product development

Key highlights:

  • Noesis Solutions enables organizations to develop competitive products faster with the launch of id8, its cloud-native collaborative engineering platform.
  • id8 2024.1 enables engineers harness the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take full control of their engineering design processes.

Leuven, February 14, 2024: Noesis Solutions, a trusted digital engineering transformation partner, announced the launch of id8, a cloud-native collaborative engineering platform, that enables global engineering teams to unveil the full potential of engineering data. The new cloud-based, collaboration environment of id8 enables companies leverage enterprise engineering knowledge and empowering them to transform simulation data into real-time trustworthy decisions.

“Digital engineering is consistently evolving. Companies are in need for a comprehensive solution that enables them to generate trustworthy simulation data across globally dispersed teams and convert this data into valuable insights. In order to create leading edge products, the power of best practice simulation and advanced methodologies must be made accessible not only to simulation experts but to a broad range of roles. In the realm of digital engineering where collaboration plays a central role, Noesis Solutions empowers organizations to make informed, data-driven design choices to create competitive products” said David Franke, Chief Executive Officer of Noesis Solutions.

Data-Driven Collaborative Engineering

With over two decades of pioneering innovation, Noesis Solutions has an in-depth understanding of integration and automation of engineering workflows and its role to obtain the conceptual understanding in the early stages of the design process. With id8, Noesis Solutions has moved a step further and enables access to best-in-practice simulation workflows for a wider audience within organizations. id8 also grants access to AI-powered powerful design space intelligence technologies and enables the id8 users to create high-quality data based on verified workflows. id8, therefore, secures the quality of simulation data in an organized and adaptive way, which fuels trustworthy data-driven decisions enabling organizations create competitive products.

“Noesis Solutions is dedicated to making advanced technology easily accessible to engineers and professionals in a straightforward manner. Through intelligent product design and user-friendly features, id8 caters to the needs of our worldwide customer base, empowering them to create market leading, cutting-edge products”, says Georgios Papantonakis, Chief Product Officer of Noesis Solutions, about the idea behind id8.

Connect, Create and id8

“Collaboration plays the protagonist in realizing the value of digital engineering transformation. At Noesis Solutions, we not only focus on collaboration between the different teams, but also amongst various design tools and applications. We believe that this seamless communication will lead organizations build great product development efficiencies, more agile operations, and competitive advantage from the early stages of product development”, added Georgios about the role of collaboration in digital engineering process.

id8, a cloud-native and collaborative engineering platform by Noesis Solutions, enables auto-scalable engineering solutions & streamlines engineering design processes in a collaborative environment. It empowers organizations to take full control of the engineering design processes, from automating simulation workflows to data-driven business decisions.

id8 improves productivity and maximizes business value from existing engineering technology investments by automating engineering processes, unveiling the insights behind simulation data with its powerful AI/ML technologies and simulation-driven data science capabilities, turn insights into data-led decisions with its interactive data analytics platform. It plays a key role in managing & analyzing the volume of simulation data required for developing complex engineering systems.

To know more about id8, contact our sales teams through [email protected].

About Noesis Solutions

Established in 2003, Noesis Solutions, a trusted digital engineering innovation partner, has empowered customers to adopt a transformational strategy that resolves their toughest multidisciplinary engineering challenges of today. Our continuously evolving product portfolio, state-of-the-art technology, and unmatched customer services enable customers transform the way they build their products in a much faster and an efficient manner.

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Published on 14 February 2024