Our workflow execution technologies ensure a correct transfer of data in each and every step of the engineering simulation process. They consistently take into account all applicable workflow dependencies and manage all involved analysis data. Our flexible and efficient workflow execution works with any commercial and in-house developed tools, and deals with all underlying technical aspects to guarantee a smooth running process.

Carefully resolving any dependencies

After capturing a simulation process into a formalized workflow, our rich workflow execution technology first resolves all workflow dependencies before actually launching automated execution. Key in this regard is the transfer of data from one step to the next as simulations run, even across multiple workflow branches.

Intelligently managing execution

High consistency in managing analysis data is built into all of our solutions. They offer the comprehensive ability to restart the execution of workflows in the event of a failure for whatever reason, and will make sure no analysis sequence for the same set of design parameter values needs to be re-run. In addition, we enable engineering teams to manually verify execution in step-by-step mode to check the correctness of workflow integration and execution.

Integrating any software aspect

Any fit-for-use workflow execution technology is expected to easily integrate with any engineering software. Our technology does exactly that, but our integration capabilities not only span engineering simulation software as such. They efficiently address all so-called fringe aspects as well - including file management, parameter handling, etc. Needless to say that these relate to both commercial off-the-shelf software and in-house developed software programs.


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