id8 complements and multiplies the power of Optimus, bringing an Objectives Driven Engineering strategy within reach of a substantially broader engineering community. Starting from product targets that outsmart competition, such an Objectives Driven Engineering strategy enables engineering teams to work their way back to the most critical design parameters and to engineer right first time.


A new standard in usability

id8 delivers a totally new concept and environment that naturally accords with how engineers think and work. With id8, they are not bothered by the complexity of yet another software environment while having access to the full power of Optimus. As a result, development teams can maximize the time they spend on productive tasks and gain deeper engineering insights by making efficient use of all available data.

A series of next-generation application suites

The id8 next-generation application suites are transparently and elegantly structured in three products, each targeting one of the key enablers for objectives-driven engineering.

To  streamline the engineering process, id8 map will give users tools of unprecedented depth and sophistication for capturing and deploying engineering best practices.

To  manage growing complexity, id8 discover will let users build easy-to-use models with smart methods never before encapsulated in PIDO software.

To  visualize the design space, id8 decide helps users make smarter decisions based on objectives through novel capabilities for engineering data analytics, exploring design alternatives on the fly, and communicating decisions and knowledge to other stakeholders.

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