A Cloud-native and Collaborative Engineering platform

id8, collaborative engineering platform

id8, a cloud-native, open & customizable platform by Noesis Solutions, enables auto-scalable engineering solutions & streamlines engineering design processes in a collaborative environment. It empowers organizations to take full control of the engineering design process, from automating simulation workflows to data-driven business decisions.

Unveil the full potential of your Engineering Data

Product development has been particularly influenced by the growing need for data creation, collection and analysis. Engineers have been called on to play an influential role in the way the data is gathered, stored, and leveraged. We believe that we can challenge the way you leverage knowledge from your engineering data, and help you create a competitive advantage.

Collaborate & Share knowledge

As a cloud-native open platform, id8 makes the entire design easily accessible and enables geographically dispersed teams to collaborate and share knowledge & best practices, boost team’s efficiency, and creates centralize knowledge with proper data management in a secure environment. By involving cross-domain team players early in the development cycle with a moderated environment, id8 enables efficient use of resources and reduced the time-to-market.

Create trustworthy data

id8 enables exploration of design space with intelligent algorithms on pre-configured simulation processes, enabling smart decision making. This enables the user to mitigate risks to misanalyse customer requirements, increase the efficiency of the product teams and make data-driven decisions.

Unveil engineering data insights

id8 offers an advanced post-processing tool equipped with web-based interactive charts enables the user to turn data into valuable and trustworthy insights about your product. The user is empowered to identify hidden opportunities for design improvements while economically using their resources and time.

Scale Operations

Scale product design activities in a collaborative environment and optimize hardware and software resources with id8’s auto-scalable solution. This enables the users to respond effectively while ensuring consistency under different circumstances of heavy workload and tight milestones.

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Cloud-native open and customizable platform

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