Unleash the power of your engineering data

id8 is a collaboration platform that lets data scientists and engineers get the most out of all available engineering data. Whether data are locally available in spreadsheets, have been generated by a Design Optimization platform or are stored in a central database, id8 will work with it and deliver unrivaled insights.


Use any browser to connect securely to a wide range of engineering data available throughout the enterprise.


Transform engineering data into accurate and trusted sources of information, and make smarter product decisions with confidence.


Create off-the-shelf data recipes and tap into the full potential of your engineering data, generating actionable insights.



Share engineering dashboards with anybody on the team, and scale the deployment of powerful predictive models.


Software features

A server-based software, accessed via a web browser.

A collaboration platform for engineering data scientists & multi-physics engineering teams.

Secure connection to enterprise-wide sources of engineering data.

Automated data preparation & processing, delivering accurate and trusted data sets.

Predictive multi-fidelity modeling powered by machine learning.

Interactive and customizable engineering dashboards.

The benefits for you

Put all engineering data to use

Connect to data stored locally, to data generated by Design Optimization platforms (including Optimus), or to databases.


Share projects among everybody on the engineering team. Contribute simultaneously to any shared projects.

Build on data you can trust

Use data automation workflows to clean, filter and classify engineering data.

Capitalize engineering knowledge

Use powerful correlation tools to create intelligent data models and build a central repository of engineering knowledge.

Share engineering knowledge

Export data models according to various international standards. Re-use them as components within any engineering process.

Make the right decisions

Use id8’s data analysis and visualization tools to build metrics that substantiate sound engineering decisions.

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