Research Partnerships


​Technology leadership through research

Taking technology leadership is what counts for Noesis Solutions. Therefor we take part in key research projects sponsored by various official organizations, including the European Commission. The aim of our research activities is capitalizing on new trends by developing enabling technologies to address future PIDO challenges. The budgets of our research related funding and investments grow steadily year after year.

​Combining expert engineering domains

Researchers from universities, research institutions, manufacturing companies and other organizations rub shoulders with Noesis Solutions specialists as part of (inter)national research projects. Depending on the topic and scope of the research projects, the partnering organizations may include universities, manufacturers, application developers, domain experts, IT solution providers, and HPC cloud service providers. Innovation really thrives by bringing together such a wealth of expert domains and engineering areas. In a number of these multiyear research projects, Noesis Solutions serves as the project leader.

​Research partners from across the world

The list of research partners we collaborate with is fairly long. Research collaboration may occur as part of a specific research project, but sometimes evolves into a permanent research partnership. The research partners of Noesis Solutions include DLR, Fokker Aerostructures, Fokker Elmo, KEW, KULeuven, Labinal Power Systems, Philips Lifestyle, Politecnico of Turin, TU Delft, and Ghent University.

​Researching a range of topics

Our main research fields typically cover process integration as well as capturing and improving engineering knowledge within multidisciplinary industrial processes. The research work conducted with partners, enables us to drill down further on advanced methods for modeling and optimization of the behavior of large engineering systems in the virtual prototype stage, parallelization of computational effort, and assessment of quality and robustness of the final product. The key research tracks addressed by Noesis Solutions are integrated simulation frameworks, large-scale optimization and high-performance computing (including cloud virtualization).