Reduce Simulation time and Computational costs: What’s new in Optimus 2023.2?

On-demand webinar on Optimus 2023.2 enables remote access to software interfaces to effortlessly run them from anywhere and introduces efficient optimization tools to reduce computational costs and extends access to existing data

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Duration: 30 minutes

With the new release of Optimus 2023.2, Noesis Solutions, a trusted digital engineering transformation partner, introduces a series of powerful new capabilities to extend access and reduce simulation time while improving accuracy, performance, and functionality. The latest updates include the availability of remote access to interfaces, reducing computational costs with the introduction of Multi-Fidelity Efficient Global Optimizer (MFEGO), and enhances the existing optimization capabilities with easy, fast, and scalable multi-objective optimization algorithm - Multi-Objective Lighthouse algorithm and introduction of nvision interface, an AI-powered surrogate modelling tool by Noesis Solutions.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Achieve reduced simulation and analysis costs and simultaneously improve the final design quality with the Multi-Fidelity Efficient Global Optimizer (MFEGO).
  • Achieve high performance and the convenience of an easy setup and the possibility to reuse existing results with the easy, fast, and scalable multi-objective algorithm, Multi-Objective Lighthouse.
  • Removes the necessity of a physical installation of the interface software on the local host and enable remote access to interfaces through a remote system from anywhere
  • Reduce simulation time by integrating real-time predictions into an Optimus workflow through nvision interface; nvision is an AI-powered modelling tool by Noesis Solutions.
  • Real-time examples of how these updates enable users to reduce simulation time and computational resources.


  • Max Landrain, Application Engineering Manager, Noesis Solutions
  • Marco Panzeri, Research & Development Manager, Noesis Solutions