OEM Partnerships


As a vendor-neutral solutions provider, Noesis Solutions partners with a wide range of engineering software vendors. In particular, we have developed a number of partnerships with software vendors that embed our powerful design space exploration technologies into their physics simulation software — to provide a comprehensive market-leading solution that enables customers to go beyond the traditional limits of simulation-based engineering.

​Embedding our technologies into physics simulation software

Noesis Solutions has concluded partnerships with a number of software vendors to offer powerful Optimus methods as part of their physics simulation software environment. This introduces Optimus technologies to large CAE communities across the world, as an integral part of their familiar engineering software environment. When users want to deploy Optimus capabilities with a broader range of engineering simulation tools, they can upgrade to our standalone Optimus platform at any time.

Software Cradle

Software Cradle selected our Optimus engine to embed in its SC/Tetra and scSTREAM simulation software tools — to provide comprehensive market-leading design space exploration capabilities. Noesis Solutions incorporated Optimus multi-disciplinary design optimization software into Software Cradle’s SC/Tetra and scSTREAM environments, offering CFD engineers user-friendly yet powerful means to explore the design space and optimize thermal-fluid product performance.

Siemens PLM Software

Noesis Solutions and Siemens PLM software (formerly LMS) have a long time agreement that incorporates Optimus technologies across the LMS Virtual.Lab software platform (Motion, Durability, Acoustics, etc.). Within their familiar LMS Virtual.Lab environment, users thus get direct access to the full scope of Optimus design space exploration, design optimization, and post-processing methods on top of their LMS Virtual.Lab engineering workflow.


The partnership between Noesis Solutions and Maplesoft™ brings together products from both companies to help engineers create superior products while reducing development costs. Together, both companies have embedded powerful Optimus optimization methods into the Maple™ Global Optimization Toolbox marketed by Maplesoft.

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