​Partnerships on Multiple Levels


We continuously extend our pioneering tradition of developing cutting-edge engineering software solutions. By working side-by-side with our customers, we acquire a good understanding of their specific needs and expectations. We define and execute our ambitious development road map based on our vision, while thoughtfully considering the feedback that we receive from our customers.

We develop direct interfaces with leading engineering software vendors to realize seamless interoperability with their tools, or to have our technology engine embedded as part of their physics simulation software solutions. And we team up with technology partners, to integrate their specific algorithms into our software platforms. On the longer term, we heavily invest in technology research and collaborate with universities and research institutes worldwide.

Building technology partnerships

We have established various technology partnerships with a number of third parties to make their specific algorithms available within our software platforms. These extra capabilities, mostly focusing on surrogate modeling and optimization methods, can easily be integrated thanks to the 360° degrees openness of our platforms. This helps us push innovation forward and further enhance our software capabilities, performance and ease of use.

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​Developing software interfaces and integrations

Thanks to a wide range of interfaces, our software solutions seamlessly connect to nearly all leading 1D and 3D engineering software solutions. By driving parametric simulation campaigns involving any of these solutions, our products free users from repetitive manual model changes and data processing. Even in case no direct driver or interface is available for a specific engineering software program, integration with our software platforms can be easily achieved through our generic input file parameterization and generic output file parsing mechanisms.

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Bringing design space exploration to physics simulation software

We have also developed a number of partnerships with software vendors that embed our powerful design space exploration technologies into their physics simulation software — to provide a comprehensive market-leading solution that enables customers to go beyond the traditional limits of simulation-based engineering. Building on our unique OEM technology, such partnerships are an attractive way for software vendors to upgrade their physics simulation solutions with powerful design space exploration and optimization capabilities.

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​Technology leadership through research

Taking technology leadership is a crucial element of Noesis Solutions’ strategy. Therefor we take part in key research projects sponsored by various official organizations, including the European Commission. The aim of our research activities is to capitalize on new trends by developing enabling technologies to address future customer challenges. The budgets of our research related funding and investments steadily grow year after year.

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