Noesis Insights - Issue 2

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Shaping the future of engineering

Read this interview with Noesis Solutions CEO Naji El Masri. As he reviews the past and explains our vision for the years ahead, it becomes crystal clear that Noesis Solutions has always been at the forefront of engineering simulation technology - and is committed to stay there.

Engineering by Objectives

Inspired by a vision of an Objectives Driven Engineering process, Noesis Solutions keeps a steadfast focus on implementing solutions that are critical for engineering teams to manage the increasing complexity of their development challenges.

Visualizing the design space

Find out more about id8 decide, Noesis Solutions' newest product. Powered by an intuitive user interface, this engineering data analytics solution complements Optimus' design space exploration functions.

Eyes like a hawk

Bausch & Lomb used Optimus to develop a new computer simulation process to confidently suggest the most appropriate set of multifocal lenses to customers, using fewer clinical tests.

Working Wonders

Find out how manufacturers use Optimus to successfully tackle their product engineering and process automation challenges. Discover the performance and efficiency improvements they achieve as a result.


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