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Asahi uses Optimus to develop most suitable shape for food supplement tablets

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Optimus helped us analyze the factors that affect pressure resistance of tablet punches. Optimus proved to be a good choice: it is attractive as a tool to extend ANSYS and offers much more advanced features than I expected. With Optimus, we can easily identify the optimal solution to our design problems. Mr. Hideaki Sato - Research Laboratories for Fundamental Technology of Food, Asahi Group Holdings Ltd.

Making dietary supplement tablets rounder as suggested by sensory evaluations and response surface modeling, reduces the durability of both the tablets and the punching machines producing the tablets. Based on FEM-based tablet hardness and punch strength simulations in ANSYS, Optimus’ RSM techniques helped Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. reveal the best possible design trade-off between ease of swallowing and durability.

Drive ANSYS to deliver design information with a minimum simulation effort

Optimus captures the simulation process, defines an smart virtual experiment plan and orchestrates ANSYS simulations to deliver a maximum amount of valuable design information with a minimum simulation effort.

Thanks to a powerful embedded search engine that offers dedicated filters, Optimus simplifies the selection of design parameters and result components from the ANSYS model. This allows for an effortless parameterization of the model and an easy automation of the simulation workflow.

Develop the most suitable tablet shape using insights delivered by Optimus

Based on ANSYS simulation results, Optimus creates a Response Surface Model (RSM) using a second-order polynomial least squares method to expose the entire design space to the engineer. RSM insights guide the engineers to a tablet shapes that ensures sufficient tablet hardness while improving ease of swallowing. Optimus identifies the trade-off which best meets the design objectives.


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