Riding the waves of optimization

MARIC uses Optimus to engineer deepwater semi-submersible floating production units

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Moving from an experience based to an objectives driven engineering process

Optimizing for enhanced hydrodynamic performance

MARIC has used Optimus as part of the global engineering workflow on a semi-submersible FPU that is now operating on the South China Sea. One specific application scenario suggested adjustments to the main dimensions of the FPU's main scale shape, significantly enhancing overall hydrodynamic performance.

Reducing total mass by 8% compared to initial design

A second application scenario relates to scantling optimization, entailing a first dimensioning of various structural parts so that sufficient strength is present in a given section. MARIC used Optimus to accelerate the scantling optimization process, using rule-based dimensioning of structural elements based on Microsoft Excel worksheets and resulting in a decrease of total mass by 8% compared to the initial design.

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