​Technology Partnerships


Dedicated technology partnerships fit in our strategy to maximize the openness of all Noesis Solutions software platforms. It is our vison that openness should be bi-directional.

Easily extending our platforms with 3rd party technology

We develop our software platforms such that any industrial-proven method can easily be embedded and can operate in exactly the same way as any of our proprietary algorithms. Apart from extending our software platforms with highly specialized methods developed by various partners, this approach also allows our customers to plug in any method that they have developed in house.

Exclusive integration of divis ClearVu technology

In close cooperation with divis Intelligent Solutions GmbH, we have integrated the ClearVu Analytics Modeler and ClearVu Global Optimizer into our Optimus software platform. Exclusive access to both modules allows our users to obtain highest response surface quality for any given application and tackle high-dimensional, non-linear global design optimization challenges quickly and reliably.

The ClearVu Analytics Modeler continuously optimizes the learning parameters for all available RSM methods, avoiding the widespread phenomenon of overfitting models to the data. And the ClearVu Global Optimizer is a powerful algorithm developed for non-linear design optimization, potentially covering multiple disciplines and objectives. This optimizer integrated into Optimus resolves even the most complex design optimization tasks, including problems with high-dimensional, mixed-integer objective functions.

Exclusive access to FINNOPT's interactive multiobjective optimization

FINNOPT provides innovative algorithms supporting better engineering decisions. The algorithms are built on strong mathematical foundations and advanced research in multicriteria decision making and optimization.

FINNOPT’s interactive multiobjective optimization methods allow the user to provide preference information, and in turn to receive design candidates satisfying the preferences to the largest extent. Additionally, the methods developed by FINNOPT support the evaluation and learning of trade-offs in light of different objectives, and selecting an optimum design candidate with minimum time spending by the user.

FINNOPT is a Finnish company with strong links with the Industrial Optimization Group at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Stretching the limits of multi-objective design optimization with eArtius

In partnership with eArtius, Noesis Solutions inserted a leading-edge method plug-in into Optimus. The eArtius-Optimus Plug-in, combining the best of gradient-based techniques and genetic algorithms, features the unique capability to optimize high-dimensional simulation models directly - and speeds up even the most complex multi-objective design optimization projects.

As the plug-in uses the Pareto frontier as the search space for multi-objective optimization, only 2 to 5 model evaluations are required to identify each Pareto optimal design. This results in a design optimization process that are order of magnitude faster than existing methods, irrespective of simulation model dimension and complexity.


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