Streamlining Assembly Lines

Sogeti High Tech runs Optimus to streamline aircraft assembly line

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Sogeti High Tech relies on Optimus to optimize CWB factory productivity in function of production rate variations, realizing tremendous economic savings. Mr. Nicolas Kawski - Business Group Manager Studies & Simulations, Sogeti High Tech in France

A modern production facility should easily absorb additional workload in times when business is picking up. Therefore the plant organization should be adapted flexibly depending on the targeted monthly CWB production rate. “To trace the optimum production configuration,” says Nicolas Kawski, “Sogeti High Tech consultants perform assembly flow simulations based on a digital factory model defined in DELMIA. To efficiently maximize assembly line output for any production rate between 13 and 20 CWBs per month, they link the digital factory model to Optimus.”

Get relevant information at minimum cost

Optimus defines an intelligent virtual experiment plan to acquire the most relevant design information possible with a minimum simulation effort.

Identify most economic assembly line configuration that meets production targets

Optimus’ multi-objective optimization algorithms quickly reveal Pareto front details, empowering factory managers to instantly find out the most economic assembly line configuration for any targeted CWB output, out of all possible combinations.

Quickly respond to changing manufacturing demands

Optimus completes a full simulation campaign for a discrete set of production rates in a small fraction of the time needed compared to the manual approach, delivering optimized assembly line productivity whenever required. CWB factory managers can instantly read the most economic assembly line configuration that turns out the targeted number of units.


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