Management Team


Noesis Solutions is an engineering innovation partner to manufacturers in engineering-intense industries. Specialized in solutions that enable Objectives Driven Draft-to-Craft Engineering processes, its software products and services help customers adopt a targeted development strategy that resolves their toughest multi-disciplinary engineering challenges. The Noesis Solutions management team has the experience, vision and leadership qualities that are needed to shape the future of our company as a leading global provider of cutting edge engineering innovation solutions .

​Naji El Masri, Chief Executive Officer

Naji has 15 years of experience in CAE product management and engineering services in automotive, aerospace and defense industries. As Noesis Solutions CTO, he was responsible for product strategy, development and research. He joined Noesis Solutions in 2007 from LMS International, where he held various positions in product development, major account management and business development.

​Alain Genard, Vice-President of Sales 

With a background of engineering & business (Master in Civil Engineering & MBA both from the UCL in Belgium), Alain has spent more than 20 years in CAE software companies, occupying sales & marketing management positions. He has managed the HQ sales and then the worldwide CAE sales for LMS International, the sales of the Actran acoustics software for Free Field Technologies before becoming Sales & Marketing director for acoustic solutions at MSC.Software.

​Engaging employees in company success

The Noesis Solutions management team actively promotes a culture of taking ownership, cultivating team spirit and putting customers first. This is particularly important because most team members interact with customers on a daily basis. We try to collaborate seamlessly to develop superior technology that help customers streamline their processes and improve their products. Together we achieve great results that propel the company forward.