Our workflow technologies offer the unique capability to automate engineering processes by capturing the related simulation workflow. From there, a ‘simulation robot’ automates and orchestrates engineering simulations in a transparent way without user intervention. This simulation robot frees users from repetitive manual model changes, data processing and performance evaluation tasks. As a result, it allows similar procedures to be repeated automatically hundreds or even thousands of times.

Powering up engineering processes

Irrespective of the engineering disciplines involved, building dedicated workflows helps engineering teams achieve a lot more in less time. By doing so, they capture the essential sequence of their engineering simulation processes. Typically, they first sketch a workflow in a graphic process integration editor – connecting all involved simulation tools and data models. That enables them to automatically work toward a better design – without iteratively implementing manual model changes, manually re-launching the involved software tools, or interpreting intermediate results.

Automating workflow execution

By tagging all relevant input parameters, output results, and design constraints – our workflow technologies enable the complete parameterization of the underlying engineering models. That makes these engineering workflows really powerful. Engineers just need to specify values for the design parameters, and they can then launch the complete process described by that workflow. The process runs fully automatically and reports the results that are relevant to the decision process.

Sampling the design space up-front

And that is just the beginning. Rather than launching one specific instance of an engineering simulation workflow, our proven Design of Experiments (DOE) technologies enable development teams to set up a sensibly planned series of experiments. Definable on any existing workflow, a DOE samples the design space in such a way that a maximum of information will be obtained at minimum simulation cost. Starting from the DOE, an entire optimization campaign can be set up by executing the related engineering workflow fully automagically.


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