Cloud-based Optimization of a MacPherson Strut

Suspension analysis of the MacPherson strut using id8, a cloud-native and collaborative engineering platform by Noesis Solutions

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A MacPherson strut is a fundamental component of a car's suspension system and the most used in passenger cars. Collaboration plays a pivotal role in design process as it brings together diverse teams such as engineering, simulation, testing etc., and expertise such as design, material exploration, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) etc., to address these engineering considerations. How can id8, a cloud-native, collaborative engineering platform by Noesis Solutions, enable this process?

With id8, the project teams can seamlessly access real-time data, efficiently manage project information, and streamline their workflows with intuitive icons and flexible filtering options. The ability to run multiple experiments with just one click demonstrates the platform's time-saving capabilities. In this case, human time was just one click to run 450 experiments. id8’s cloud-based nature empowers users to work from anywhere, eliminating the silos within teams in terms of geography and expertise.

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