Solar Energy System Optimization with Optimus and Scilab

A 60' webinar on how process integration and multiobjective optimization helped increase the efficiency and minimize the cost of a solar energy system

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Focus on Optimus & Scilab

Project engineers used the open-source software Scilab for modeling the engineering problem and calculating the efficiency of the solar energy system, whereas Excel served as a cost calculator. In Optimus, they flexibly integrated Scilab and Excel into a single, automated optimization workflow.

New powerful multiobjective optimizers enabled the engineers to automatically change input parameters and search the design space for the available optimal designs. As a concluding step, Optimus automatically conducted a robust design assessment and again optimized the design to factor in typical weather patterns.

During this webinar, we demonstrate:

  • how you can connect Scilab and Excel with Optimus to drive an automated simulation process
  • how to utilize multiobjective particle swarm optimization to obtain an accurate Pareto front of optimized solar system configurations
  • how to conduct robust design assessment and factor in typical weather patterns
  • how to easily share the results with other engineering teams, to facilitate interaction and speed up development work.

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