Optimus 10.19 introduces unique NAVIRUN 1-click optimizer

New interfaces for ANSYS Maxwell and RomaxDESIGNER

The new Optimus release reaches out to a growing engineering community through new software interfaces for ANSYS Maxwell and RomaxDESIGNER. Both new interfaces are built on Optimus’ unique open architecture that makes it easy to communicate with any commercial, legacy or in-house engineering software. With a total of 35 interfaces to leading CAD/CAE solutions, Optimus frees design engineers from repetitive manual model changes and data processing during the execution of virtual experiments – tremendously saving time.

Optimus’ new interface for ANSYS Maxwell also enables engineering teams to take advantage of ANSYS Maxwell’s Distributed Solve Option (DSO), a productivity enhancement tool that accelerates sweeps of design variations by distributing virtual experiments across a network of processors. Thanks to its broad coverage of workflow parallelization technologies (including Optimus’ lightweight queuing system, integration with 3rd party resource management systems and support of vendor-proprietary distributed computing solutions), Optimus enables engineering teams to take maximum advantage of all available computing resources – maximizing ROI on software & hardware investments.

Improved methods and single-click optimization

Optimus 10.19 also introduces a number of smart methods that further facilitate deployment of Design Space Exploration & Engineering Optimization practices. SOMBAS, a Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) based adaptive sampling method, can be used to search and find feasible design regions that identify a diverse set of engineering solutions. This method is attractive for engineering problems that depend on a high number of design parameters, especially if only a limited simulation budget is available.

With the new NAVIRUN 1-click optimizer, Optimus brings state-of-the-art optimization within reach of non-experts. NAVIRUN, or Noesis Advanced adVIser, makes the best possible use of Optimus’ Design Space Exploration & Engineering Optimization methods. Only requiring the user to define the simulation budget, NAVIRUN uses Adaptive Design of Experiments (ADOE) to sample the design space and automatically select the most suitable gradient-based or evolutionary optimization method. Learning about the engineering problem while running, NAVIRUN tunes the algorithm’s parameters and provides an optimal balance between Design Space Exploration and Exploitation.

About Noesis Solutions

Noesis Solutions is an engineering innovation partner to manufacturers in engineering-intense industries. Specialized in solutions that enable Objectives Driven Draft-to-Craft Engineering processes, its software products and services help customers adopt a targeted development strategy that resolves their toughest multi-disciplinary engineering challenges.

This Objectives Driven Engineering strategy entails an automated approach that streamlines engineering processes to efficiently manage the growing complexity of today’s engineering challenges. In addition, interactive design space visualization allows engineering teams to make informed decisions faster – empowering them to form & transform ideas into products that outsmart competition

Noesis Solutions operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world. For more information, please visit www.noesissolutions.com.

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Published on 18 April 2017