Noesis Solutions id8 Transforms Simulation-Based Engineering into Objectives-Driven Engineering

The new id8 software introduced by Noesis Solutions complements and multiplies the power of its Optimus product. id8 brings an ‘engineer by objectives’ strategy within reach of a substantially broader engineering community, through a concept and environment that naturally accords with how engineers think and work. id8 decide, the first in a series of next-generation application suites, is the intuitive navigator that visualizes the design space. id8 decide helps users make smarter decisions based on objectives – by employing novel engineering analytics, exploring design alternatives on the fly, and communicating decisions and knowledge to other stakeholders.

id8 application suites complement and extend Optimus

Noesis Solutions, the pioneering developer of PIDO (process integration and design optimization) software solutions, is extending its product portfolio with a series of next-generation id8 application suites designed to transform simulation-based engineering into objectives-driven engineering. “Starting from product targets that outsmart competition,” Naji El Masri, CEO Noesis Solutions, explains, “such a process enables engineering teams to work their way back to the most critical design parameters and to engineer right first time.”

A clear vision of the design space with id8 decide

The first of these products is called id8 decide. id8 decide is a new toolset that is far more than just an incremental refinement of existing design space visualization functionality. The new software radically strengthens and deepens users’ ability to achieve a clear vision of the design space. id8 decide empowers development teams to maximize the time they spend on productive tasks and gain deeper engineering insights by making efficient use of all available data from disparate sources.

Beta users have been impressed when using id8 decide on their data. They particularly like the clarity and discoverability of functionality that is offered by id8 decide through its clean, up-to-the-minute graphical user interface. Equally important to them are the advances available at deeper levels of functionality.

Keeping the focus on market-leading design targets

El Masri sets the background for the new id8 software technology. “Over the years, we have seen that what makes our customers successful with Optimus is the capability to work their way back from design targets to the most critical design parameters in order to engineer products which outsmart competition,” he says. “The success factor lies in the fact that Optimus enables them to implement a streamlined ‘engineer by objectives’ process that continually focuses on these design targets.”

To bring the ‘engineer by objectives’ strategy within reach of a substantially broader engineering community, Noesis has invested in the development of innovative best-of-breed solutions that deliver a new user experience level. The totally new concept and environment of id8 naturally accords with how engineers think and work, while providing access to the full power of Optimus.”

Making ‘engineering by objectives’ accessible, practical and realizable

The beginning of Noesis’ transformation from a one-product company to a multi-product solution provider, id8 decide will be followed by future id8 application suites that, in similar fashion, will complement Optimus and step up its power through the addition of entirely new capability sets. “Overall, the new id8 application suites make the ‘engineer by objectives’ process accessible, practical and realizable for engineers and engineering teams in ways never before possible,” El Masri concludes.

About Noesis Solutions

Noesis Solutions is an engineering innovation partner to manufacturers in engineering-intense industries. Specialized in solutions that enable Objectives Driven Draft-to-Craft Engineering processes, its software products and services help customers adopt a targeted development strategy that resolves their toughest multi-disciplinary engineering challenges.

Noesis Solutions is a majority-owned subsidiary of Cybernet Systems, a leading provider of multi-domain CAE solutions covering a vast range of engineering problems. Noesis Solutions operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world. For more information, please visit

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Published on 05 April 2016