Noesis Solutions advances simulation-led design processes with updated usability and stability features with the new Optimus 2023.1

  • Optimus, an Automation and Optimization tool, enables users to discover the full potential of their Engineering Designs by effectively implementing an Objectives Driven Engineering process, and saving time & resources.
  • Seamlessly integrates with industry-leading simulation tools/scripts in a stable and secure manner.

Leuven Belgium, April 26, 2023 - Noesis Solutions, a trusted Digital Engineering Transformation partner, today announced the availability of Optimus 2023.1. With the latest release of Optimus 2023.1, Noesis Solutions focuses on improving the security, usability, and stability of the tool.

Optimus, an Automation and Optimization tool by Noesis Solutions, enables users to outsmart competition while considering all relevant design constraints - effectively implementing an Objectives Driven Engineering process, and saving time & resources. Optimus bundles a powerful range of capabilities for Engineering Process Integration, Design Space Exploration & Optimization, and Robustness & Reliability.

“Companies across the globe are embracing simulation-led design processes and are leveraging data to spark innovation, streamline operations and boost efficiencies,” said Christine Schwarz, Product Owner – Optimus, Noesis Solutions. “With the ever-increasing dependence on software systems for the engineering design cycles, their longevity has become a pressing need. Stability of those tools is one of the primary properties to achieve this” she added on why Noesis Solutions decided to focus on these features in their latest release of Optimus 2023.1.

A vendor-neutral open platform

As an entirely vendor-neutral Optimization and Automation platform, Optimus provides an open architecture to communicate with any engineering software, including the capability to deal with any file syntax.

Optimus 2023.1 keeps up with the speed of the release cycles of the supported engineering software to always be able to interface with their latest versions. With Optimus 2023.1, users can interface to the SIMULIA Abaqus version 2023, ANSYS version 2023 R1, ANSYS Electronic Desktop version 2023 R1, Cradle software versions 2023, and JMAG version Ver.22.0 in addition to the existing software that can be integrated to the platform.

Postprocessing & Feasibility Highlighting

Optimus 2023.1 has also upgraded its feasibility highlighting of experiments, letting users see the feasibility of each experiment directly in the summary plot for all methods including Table methods and Design of Experiment methods. With this extension the user has the possibility to observe the feasibility status of each experiment directly in the summary plot.

To enhance the postprocessing functionality of Optimus 2023.1 the accessibility to the experiment number and iteration number has been introduced. "With this new possibility the user can gain insight into the progress of any method faster.

Framework Extensions

Optimus 2023.1 has focused on improvements in parallel behavior by introducing the automatic deletion of files from previous experiments. The approach was introduced to avoid misuse of files in case of failure for subsequent experiments. This saves the engineers from any delay without compromising the quality of the product.

OPS (Optimus Parallel Services) is a lightweight resource management system specially designed to cooperate with Optimus. A new functionality has been introduced in Optimus 2023.1 that enables users to define a maximum number of jobs for a defined service. A new user flag has been introduced to control the storage of all files in any Optimus workflow allowing the user to set the default behavior individually.

Optimus now ships the latest and more secure frameworks and libraries to keep our software up to date with the latest security patches and to avoid vulnerabilities. This includes the update of Python to version 3.10.8 which can be used directly by the user from the Optimus workflow.

Optimus 2023.1 is available on the market now. To update your Optimus tool to the latest version, please write to [email protected].

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Published on 26 April 2023