National Taiwan University uses Optimus to enhance multi-field optimization skills and cultivate more professionals.

Leuven (Belgium), 30 June 2021 – Noesis Solutions NV, a developer of software solutions for PIDO (process integration and design optimization) cooperates with CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN to assist The Advanced Power Research and Development Center for its Motor development project, aiming to enhance multi-field optimization skills in Taiwan and cultivate more professionals.

The Advanced Power Research and Development Center (APRDC) of National Taiwan University was established in 2013. APRDC’s key projects focus on electrification of automobiles, especially on the design and analysis of magnetic-solid-thermal coupling systems, thermal management solutions, control systems, fabrication, and system reliability.

Noesis Solutions, headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, is an engineering innovator in engineering-intense industries. Specialized in solutions that enable Objectives Driven Draft-to-Craft Engineering processes, Noesis’ flagship product, Optimus, is the industry-leading Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) software platform that helps customers adopt a targeted development strategy that resolves their toughest multi-disciplinary engineering challenges. CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN, founded in 2008 in Hsinchu, is the exclusive distributor of Optimus in Taiwan.

Professor Cheng from National Taiwan University is the director of Advanced Power Research and Development Center. Ever since Optimus was introduced to Prof Cheng by CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN in 2015, he started using Optimus for realizing process integration and design optimization in his research projects.

Students in the Advanced Power Research and Development Center use Optimus to optimize the design parameters of traction motors for electric vehicles automatically. “With Optimus, we could efficiently find the optimal design parameters of the motor and reach the design goals,” said Mo-Cheng Tsai, a graduate student of the Advanced Power Research and Development Center. “The results not only effectively improved the overall performance of the motor, but also reduced the amount of rare-earth magnets used in the motor, achieving cost reduction in manufacturing.”

Irene Chen, the vice president of CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN said “Professor Cheng is an important promoter of enhancing Taiwanese students' practical experience. He not only teaches students theories, but also enables them to realize theories in practice. He’s been cultivating a lot of students that the industry needs. The cooperation between CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN and Professor Cheng aims to support teachers in the promotion of ‘practical education’ and we hope that we can cultivate more competitive future leaders for Taiwan together.”

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Published on 30 June 2021