Latest Optimus release liberates users from repetitive tasks by expanding its automation and optimization toolkit

Noesis Solutions releases Optimus 2022.2 with key features such as automatic Python script recording, integration of Altair interfaces, and the integration of the Lighthouse, a new global optimization solution.

Leuven Belgium, November 14, 2022 – Noesis Solutions, a trusted Digital Engineering Transformation partner, announces the availability of Optimus 2022.2. With the latest release, customers will be able to quickly automate the operations performed with Optimus liberating them from repetitive tasks. The key features include automation of Python script recordings and integration with Altair products. With Optimus 2022.2, Noesis Solutions also introduces the integration of the Lighthouse*, a smart optimization algorithm, in addition to the existing array of optimizers that are available on the platform.

“The digital engineering transformation has been consistent and swift. This has expanded our focus to add high-performance, and relevant developments and updates to our flagship product, Optimus,” said Georgios Papantonakis, Chief Product Officer at Noesis Solutions. “Our latest product release enables our customers to automate routine and repetitive activities, empowering the engineers to spend more time on design performance,” he added.

The latest features of Optimus 2022.2 are listed below:

Python script recording

Optimus 2022.2 version boosts the Graph authoring and workflow automation capabilities with the release of a new feature called Python Script recording. This feature automates the creation of Python scripts and enables the user to record the manually executed operations. Using the existing powerful Optimus Python API, users can quickly script and automate any kind of manual operations that were performed in the Optimus user interface.

The Optimus 2022.2 release is advancing the capabilities of Python Scripting within Optimus and extends the scenarios that can be supported. With the new release users can:

  • Automate on-the-fly manual UI (User Interface) operations.
  • Start and stop the recording of a repetitive manual task any time.
  • Save and Run the recorded scripts directly from the built-in Optimus Python console.

Interfaces to CAE software

Optimus 2022.2 extends the portfolio of interfaces to 3rd party tools with the introduction of two new interfaces to Altair OptiStruct and Altair Radioss.

Introduction of Lighthouse

The Optimus 2022.2 release introduces the integration of Lighthouse*, a global optimization solution, that enhances the existing optimization toolbox of Optimus. It is a user-friendly, high-speed, and scalable optimization algorithm that unlocks new possibilities on:

  • Combinatorial problems optimization.
  • Non-linear problems optimization.
  • Mixed-variable problems optimization

Optimus 2022.2 is available on the market now.

* Part of the Lighthouse technology is developed by one of the Noesis trusted partners.

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Published on 14 November 2022