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Bring your in-house developed postprocessing scripts inside Optimus.

No doubt you know the feeling. You have a whole bunch of postprocessing scripts developed over time but find it difficult to integrate them with the engineering simulation and design space exploration software you are using.

Not so with Optimus.

Thanks to Optimus’ 360° openness, integration of in-house developed models, methods and postprocessing scripts is easy as pie. Whether these scripts have been developed in Python, R or another programming language, you can plot your postprocessing results directly inside Optimus. 

Give us 30 minutes to show you how easy that is

During this short webinar, we will show you

  • how to configure Optimus to integrate any postprocessing script written in Python, R or another programming language,
  • how you can now use all of your in-house developed postprocessing plots just like any native Optimus plot, connecting directly to the engineering data managed by Optimus,
  • how you can leverage any of your in-house postprocessing tools and put them to work in our leading open platform for Design Space Exploration & Optimization.

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