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Discover what you can achieve using Optimus' Python API

A 45 minutes on-demand webinar

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could embed deep knowledge of complex simulation processes in your applications, empowering more people to take advantage of simulation technology without any risk of making mistakes? 

That's precisely what you can do with Optimus!

Optimus is an open and flexible simulation automation framework that allows for easy customization, when needed. With the Optimus Python API, you can embed all our powerful technologies in dedicated applications and make them accessible to a broad community. 

Keeping everybody focused on their engineering challenge rather than on complex simulation or optimization technologies, this gives a real productivity boost to any multidisciplinary engineering team.


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  • to learn how the Optimus Python API lets you build a custom engineering workflow and helps you create an easy-to-use simulation application that is accessible from a web page or Microsoft Excel. This kind of dedicated application provides safe and secure access to your modeling and simulation tools, making it possible to run them without any risk of making mistakes.
  • to see how you can export Optimus Response Surface Models, and expand the use of these information-rich models through Microsoft Excel or any custom application built with Python. 

We will demonstrate Optimus' 360° openness and the use of its Python API using several practical examples.

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