Revolutionizing the Future of Automotive Design with Noesis Solutions and SimScale

On-demand webinar exploring vehicle aerodynamics analytics with the unlimited computational power of the cloud

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In this webinar, we explored the fast-moving world of automotive design and the software tools used to develop more efficient products and vehicles.

External vehicle aerodynamics is a rapidly developing field where the latest CFD solvers are now coupled with digital design and optimization tools powered by the almost unlimited computational power of the cloud.

Noesis Solutions, a trusted digital engineering partner, has empowered customers to adopt a transformational strategy that resolves their toughest multi-disciplinary engineering challenges. id8, a cloud-native, open, and customizable platform by Noesis Solutions, is now coupled with SimScale, a cloud-native engineering simulation software, capable of simulating many different designs in parallel and orders of magnitude faster than traditional desktop simulation tools.

In this event, experts from Noesis Solutions and SimScale demonstrated a simple workflow to optimize car geometry for aerodynamic performance.


  • Sophie Petraman, Application Engineer, Noesis Solutions
  • Steve Lainé, Application Engineering Manager, SimScale
  • Ajitkumar Ananthu Jeyakumar, Senior Application Engineer, SimScale