RELIABILITY ANALYSIS for safety-critical application

A 60' webinar that highlights how to manage and minimize risks when engineering new products

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Watch to learn how you can

  • easily combine Optimus' multidisciplinary engineering workflow automation with PhimecaSoft's advanced algorithms tosolve reliability problems. Optimus is Noesis Solutions' platform for Process Integration & Design Optimization, PhimecaSoft is Phimeca's reliability analysis software.
  • leverage Optimus' HPC capabilities to run multidisciplinary simulation processes as efficient as possible, minimizing your computational footprint.
  • estimate probability of failure for a new design, using PhimecaSoft's extensive set of advanced reliability algorithms.
  • minimize probability of failure, extending PhimecaSoft's capabilities with Optimus' multiobjective optimization algorithms.

Using a concrete example focusing on oil and gas pipeline integrity, we will show you how Optimus & PhimecaSoft enable engineering teams to assess failure risks with any new design, and how they can minimize these risks using state-of-the-art technologies.

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