Optimus 2020.2 release

An on-demand webinar
focusing on the Optimus 2020.2 release

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Organize and share reusable best practice simulation workflows with Optimus

You have several Optimus workflows developed over the time. Often you find it difficult to manage and maintain them due to their size or complexity.

Thanks to the new Optimus SubGraph, you can organize your simulation processes efficiently by grouping together similar sub-workflows.

As a result, you can create a library of reusable workflow best practises that you can share with your team.

Get the benefits of our latest technology to increase your efficiency.

During this webinar we will discuss with you:

  • How to fuse bigger amounts of data with different fidelity into a high quality response surface model. We introduce Noesis’ newest Adaptive Multi-fidelity model, that advances the capabilities of the Multi-fidelity Kriging with efficient handling of larger dataset with an adaptive methodology .
  • How to handle complex engineering problems in an economic way by applying adaptive methods (ADOE and Navirun) that support discrete variables and manage existing simulation results with increasing efficiency.