Muti-objective optimization using 1D simulation tool

An on-demand webinar to explore your 1-D simulation tool to find suitable Parametrics that meet the design objectives

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With the growing complexity of engineering designs, 1D simulations are still used as the first step of the design process to understand the interaction between various components such as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic etc., within the system design. Optimization of this 1D simulation gives an array of data and knowledge that enables innovative designs in a very broad range of industries, saving time and resources.

Multi-objective Optimization of 1D simulations allows the efficiency of the system to be increased, by revealing the interaction of the different components within the constraints of the real world. In this webinar, we will discuss

  • Automation of 1D simulation models using Optimus
  • A case study: Optimization of a 1-D tool (Excel Macro) to find the correct parameter for a gas ejector design and evaluate it under different conditions
  • Advantages of using Optimus in early stages of design process.

Speaker - Ceyhun Sahin, Application Engineer, Noesis Solutions