Multiobjective optimization of a bicycle frame component

An on-demand webinar that highlights how to improve your product designs using Optimus with ANSYS Workbench.

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What we'll show you during this webinar

During this webinar we will show how a 3D printed wishbone of a bicycle frame can be optimized to maximize the torsional stiffness, vertical compliance and cost of the whole frame:

  • Using Optimus' drag-and-drop process editor and its wide range of third party interfaces, we will illustrate how to set up an automated engineering process that involves SOLIDWORKS for CAD, ANSYS Workbench for mechanical analysis and Python scripting for cost estimation. 

  • We will then explain how to simplify the decision process using Optimus Design of Experiments to identify the design parameters that have the highest impact on the design objectives and constraints. 

  • Using our newest Surrogate Modeling techniques, we will show you how validated Response Surface Models enable extremely fast Multiobjective Optimization - in no time delivering a set of Pareto-optimal designs among which the engineering team can choose the solution that best fits the product requirements.

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