id8 2020.2 release

An on-demand webinar focusing on the id8 2020.2 release

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Streamlining virtual product development using simulation best practices in a collaborative environment

Noesis Solutions is extending its product portfolio with a next-generation software tool, designed to democratize the powerful capabilities of best practice simulation-based engineering to everyone. id8 is a server-based collaboration platform that hosts engineering applications which have one thing in common – the user guidance. The id8 2020.2 release brings two new applications, id8 Execution and id8 Analytics.

Join this webinar to learn about the concept of id8 with a focus on the id8 Execution app – A software solution to truly democratize simulation best practices among product engineering teams.

Learn how to:

  • Create and share best practices in simulation linking together in-house or 3rd party software and scripts
  • Speed up your product development cycle and reduce costs by applying powerful design exploration methods on reusable workflows accessible for everyone

Are you putting your focus on decision making within the product development cycle?

Id8 Execution comes along with interactive and shareable reporting dashboards to support decision making in the most intuitive way.

We will demonstrate how to:

  • Create and reuse tailored reporting sheets for your projects
  • Use advanced postprocessing plots and perform trade off studies
  • Publish project related reports