How to Successfully Implement Automated Engineering Design Processes?

An on-demand webinar: Move from a Single Evaluation to an Automated Design Process

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Duration: 45 minutes

Modern virtual product development has empowered design teams and engineers to move from a traditional and iterative trial-and-error approach to a more targeted design approach. Progressive organizations boost their product performance by making digital engineering an integral part of their design process. This transformation is supported by modern tools that allow engineers to innovate through their product development cycle while minimizing costs. However, acquiring the right software tools is only a part of the transformation. 

Intuitive Integration and Support play a key role in realizing the full potential of digital product development process. The rapid pace of digital engineering transformation creates a need for open tools, customizable systems, and more importantly personalized & timely support services that enables design engineers to evolve with and lead the transformation.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  1. How to overcome the bottlenecks to go from a single evaluation of a design process to an automated process?
  2. How to create a robust process suitable for automation?
  3. A use case – Automation of CAD - Mesh - CAE analysis.


Maximilien Landrain, Application Engineering Manager, Noesis Solutions