High-performance computing for surf bums

A 45' fun webinar on how to ride the waves of engineering simulation & optimization

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Join to learn how you can

  • create an easy-to-use custom application within a familiar tool like Microsoft Excel that makes the magical world of simulation easily accessible to non-specialists for the design of surf boards. Through this application, they will have access to a full range of advanced modeling and simulation tools (Sculptor, OpenFOAM, ParaView & Optimus) and will be able to run them within the scope that you defined within your custom application.

  • hide all the engineering complexity from the target user, but provide him with a full range of reporting tools within Microsoft Excel such that it becomes clear at first glance how the surf board design can be improved and optimized.

  • speed up simulation throughput by connecting the application to the full power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform - all of this completely transparent to the user.

You'll be surprised how easy all of this is - and how much fun it can be!

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