Biomedical and Automotive Optimization with Optimus, ANSA and μETA

A 60' webinar on multidisciplinary optimization applications

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Focus on Optimus with ANSA and μETA

This webinar shows how Optimus manages a biomedical optimization case using the efficiency of the ANSA and μETA suite.

In addition, we demonstrate an automotive optimization project incorporating both a crash and a static analysis, exploiting the multidisciplinary capabilitues of Optimus coupled with BETA CAE Systems products.

During this webinar, we demonstrate:

  • how you can capture a repeatable process in minutes with Optimus
  • how you can correctly evanuate the results of a Design of Experiments (DOE) and reduce the size of your optimization problem
  • how Optimus creates reliable Response Surface Models (RSM) from DOE data, delivering deeper engineering insights and enabling smart design optimization
  • how you can connect Optimus with ANSA and μETA and drive a multidisciplinary optimization
  • how to easily share the results with other engineering teams, to facilitate interaction and speed up the development process altogether

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