Virtual inspection of jet engine blades

Optimus traces repair threshold for jet engine blade damage

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Compressor blades in jet engines can get damaged from a number of environmental sources (birds, volcanic ashes, etc.). This so-called Foreign Object Damage (FOD) ultimately reduces the aircraft lift force.

Over twenty-six million blades are in use throughout the world and a great deal of time and money is spent repairing these blades. Optimus helps to determine the maximum damage the blades can have before requiring repair or replacement, to maximize aircraft safety and at the same time minimize maintenance costs.

Easily get the information needed to gain deeper engineering insights

Optimus easily captures and successfully automates blade damage simulations, delivering a repeatable simulation process. It frees the engineer from repetitive administration tasks, and delivers the information that is needed to gain deeper engineering insights.

Quicly identify the most influential design parameters

Using DOE techniques, Optimus quickly identifies the parameters that have the highest influence on blade design. Optimus RSM models can easily be shared with non-experts in simulation, enabling them to retrieve blade performance for any specific damage profile.

Ensure aircraft safety with minimum maintenance cost

Combining DOE, RSM and numerical optimization techniques, Optimus identifies the largest damage a blade can have while still respecting safety constraints - all of this in less than 1/3 of the time needed by conventional simulation approaches.


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