Podium position for greener mobility

Optimus helps cut hydrogen consumption to equivalent of 3000km for 1 liter of fossil fuel

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The lowest possible hydrogen consumption is what counts for the futuristic, lightweight IDRApegasus prototype vehicle developed by Politecnico di Torino, in Italy. The H2politO Team of engineering students optimized the vehicle’s electronic energy management for maximum sustainability, using Optimus process integration and design optimization.

Automating the simulation process

Optimus enabled the H2politO Team to convert their manual 1D LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim simulation procedure into an automated process, directing simulations toward an optimum and robust electrical motor current profile.

Optimizing energy management

Through innovative Optimus-driven system simulation, the team successfully optimized the concept vehicle’s energy management to already achieve podium in the 2012 Shell Eco-marathon in Rotterdam. To account for incremental enhancements, reducing vehicle weight and improving vehicle dynamics, the team further optimized the IDRApegasus’ energy consumption and race strategy to confirm success in the 2013 race edition.


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