Mixing it up

A free application note describing how Optimus is used with ANSYS Fluent to optimize impeller positioning in an industrial mixing tank

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ANSYS Fluent efficiently and accurately analyses non-Newtonian fluid flow inside a mixing tank. This application note shows how Optimus automates this CFD analysis process, and modifies the design to minimize the surface area where flow precipitation occurs in order to reduce stoppage time needed for cleaning the tank. Optimus builds the simulation workflow, automates software execution, explores the entire design space and identifies the optimal vertical location of the 3 impellers inside the tank.

The problem

The design of 600,000 liter mixing tanks brings on various different and challenging engineering problems. One of the problems, encountered during deployment of the tank, is the precipitation of fluid at locations where the wall-shear stress is below a certain threshold value. By parameterizing the tank model, engineers can investigate the effect of various design parameters on the area with low wall-shear stress.

Solution approach

The entire simulation workflow is captured using the Optimus graphical user interface. This workflow includes the GAMBIT & ANSYS Fluent software, as well as the related input and output files. The engineer selects the input parameters and responses which are required for optimization, from the automatically generated parameter list. Optimus parameterizes the input file and parses the output file for the desired combination of output parameters, allowing for an automated execution of the simulation workflow.


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