Injecting with great precision

Optimizing fuel injector robustness through Optimus-driven system simulation

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A leading automotive supplier used Optimus to successfully optimize the robustness of a new Diesel injector design.

Using the most suitable methods and algorithms, engineers optimized the robustness of the design with respect to injected fuel quantity, to make sure production variability has minimum impact on injector performance. This strategy is an important step in perfecting car engine performance, while delivering predictable operation and reducing fuel consumption and CO-emissions.

Automate the simulation process

Engineers set up Optimus to orchestrate 1D system simulations in LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim. Optimus is known to easily capture and automate system simulations, delivering a repeatable simulation process. The automation enabled by Optimus frees the engineer involved in simulation based design from repetitive administration tasks and substantially increases simulation throughput.

Identify the most influential design parameters

Using Design of Experiments (DOE) techniques, Optimus quickly identified that the poppet diameter has most influence on the injected fuel quantity. Response Surface Modeling (RSM) applied on the DOE results made it possible to fully and rapidly understand the design space, revealing much more insight into product performance than can possibly be gathered manually.

Minimize the impact of production variability

Thanks to Optimus' powerful robustness optimization capabilities, the variability of the injected fuel quantity dropped 2% while tolerating only a 0.1% increase in nominal fuel quantity. This robust design optimum considerably reduces the probability of producing Diesel fuel injectors that inject out-of-spec fuel quantities. Developing Diesel injectors that guarantee precise injected fuel quantities help reconcile high engine performance with low fuel consumption.


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