Ecodriving on virtual roads

A case study that informs you on how Optimus drives HEV concept optimization in Germany

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Exploring innovative vehicle concepts

Powertrain electrification is a key factor in exploring innovative vehicle concepts that help reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Engineering teams in Germany successfully worked with Optimus to perform advanced optimizations involving virtual test driving of a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) on the Nürburgring and an urban drive in and around Stuttgart.

Optimus interfaced with CarMaker® to run related full-vehicle simulations in an automated way, requiring minimal user intervention. At the same time, Optimus directly accessed the design parameters of the MapleSim HEV powertrain model integrated as a Functional Mock-up (FMU) into the CarMaker model. This approach enables automotive OEMs to efficiently investigate and optimize hybrid powertrain concepts in favor of greener vehicles offering higher range autonomy.


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