Industry solutions by software

Use the left menu to find out how Optimus is successfully used in industry with various commercial or in-house simulation softwares.

To orchestrate those applications in a single workflow, Optimus offers an increasing number of direct interfaces as well as a framework that enables easy integration of any simulation software. Read more about available software interfaces.

A solution for today’s lean staffed engineering design teams

As the pioneer of the market, Noesis Solutions recognized the critical need for a solution to the ever leaner and demanding design environment. Optimus today helps numerous leading companies in engineering-intense industries worldwide. At the recently held 2014 Optimus World Conference, Safran, Thales Alenia Space, Snecma, Toyota Motor Corporation, Volkswagen, among others, presented how they use Optimus to stay ahead of competition. 

Combining faster development with superior design performance?

On average, Optimus users achieve 10% or more design performance improvements while reporting design time savings averaging over 30%. The automated Optimus process frees users from repetitive manual model changes and data processing, while efficiently identifying design space regions containing leading candidate designs. These product designs meet a combination of objectives set by multiple (often competing) performance targets as well as design constraints imposed by manufacturing realities and stringent regulatory and standardization requirements.

Implementation makes the difference

Implementation is a key ingredient of success, and Optimus’ unique customization capability coupled with an exceptionally skilled technical support team enable tailoring, when needed, to match the user’s design process, software, and IT. Our team of multi-skilled engineers closely works with customers to provide assistance in automating their specific engineering simulation processes. That is why Noesis Solutions is so successful in supporting various customers across a wide range of industries.