Smart Design Space Exploration
using the latest id8 module

A 45' webinar on demand

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Stop looking for available licenses and cores

Managing engineering simulations, the licenses that are needed to run them, and the related workload on a high-performance computer network is a real challenge. If not well performed, it can slow down the entire design process.

Noesis Solutions has created id8 discover to address this challenge. Using id8 discover, no complex configuration of simulation applications is required. Instead, engineers simply must log into the id8 platform, and run their project from their favorite web browser.

Methods and models made easy to use

A brand-new advisor guides non-expert users into the large collection of state-of-the-art methods for Design Space Exploration or Design Optimization. Thanks to a completely reworked surrogate modeling toolbox, id8 discover offers new machine learning methods in addition to approximation and interpolation techniques. All this helps to save you precious engineering time.

During this webinar we will show

  • how to easily run simulation workflows from a web browser with a fully guided interface,
  • how to select the hardware and software resources for the execution and monitor all simulations live - at a glance,
  • how to predict product performance and accelerate the design process using our state-of-the-art surrogate modeling technologies,
  • how to automatically transfer the simulation data to id8 decide to support the decision-making process.


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