Focus on Optimus and id8 decide with ANSYS Workbench

A 60' webinar that highlights how to accelerate multiphysics simulation and design optimization.

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Watch to learn how you can

  • easily create an automated engineering workflow, using Optimus to encapsulate the advanced multiphysics simulation capabilities accessible through the ANSYS Workbench platform.

  • simplify the decision process conducting Design of Experiments (DOE) to uncover hidden correlations between design parameters & system response variables.

  • reduce simulation effort building and validating meta-models that confidently model system response in all design regions of interest, facilitating interaction with other engineering teams.
  • maximize return-on-simulation connecting to ANSYS' highly efficient parallel solver capabilities directly from within Optimus, minimizing elapsed time for the simulation to reach an optimal design.
  • bring data insights to life, using id8 decide to visualize all simulation data in an easy to set up dashboard within your favorite web browser.

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