Focus on 1D System Optimization with Optimus & SimulationX

A 60' webinar on how Optimus integrates with SimulationX, leveraging its 1D system simulation capabilities.

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Watch this webinar to learn

how Optimus, when combined with SimulationX, streamlines your system simulation process and optimizes your new designs in a smart way.

Optimus & SimulationX specialists show you

  • how easy it is with Optimus to set up a repeatable SimulationX centric workflow, Optimus orchestrating simulations without any manual intervention.
  • how Optimus smartly samples the design space, providing you with a focus on high-impact design changes.
  • how you can optimize your designs in a smart way through clever optimization methods.
  • how Optimus takes maximum advantage of available computing resources in a parallelized setup with SimulationX.
  • how Optimus is used to condense complex system simulation models into surrogate models (or functional mock-ups) that can easily be exchanged between various applications.

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